How To: Maintain the Powerful BowTech Destroyer Hunting Bow

Maintain the Powerful BowTech Destroyer Hunting Bow

When you think of archery bows, you think of a curved piece of wood.  You can feel the taut string between your fingers.  Images of Robin Hood appear, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  You think of simplicity.  But when it comes to hunting, a bow is an entirely different beast.

It's no longer just a curved piece of wood How to Maintain the Powerful BowTech Destroyer Hunting Bowwith a string— it's a powerful weapon made of super strong carbon core material, with synchronized dual cams and a devilishly awkward look.  It's a hunter's bow, one sure to bag any buck, and it's called the Destroyer.

If you have one of these BowTech Destroyer bows, you're a lucky man.  But like all bows these days, there will be some maintenance required.  You can't just buy a bow and go hunting— there's a lot of time and effort into getting it just right for you.

So, below you'll find BowTech's instructional videos on maintaining your Destroyer bow.  All good archers need to do a little bow maintenance!

Change the String & Cables on a BowTech Destroyer Bow

Adjust the Draw Length on a BowTech Destroyer Bow

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