How To: Make a home-made rubber band bow and arrow

Make a home-made rubber band bow and arrow

In this video, Lusitano 9514 will show you how to make a homemade rubber band bow and arrow out of common household items. To do it, you will only need a basic plastic coat hanger, a long rubber band, and some kind of a stick (for the "arrow"), all of which are quite inexpensive. Watch Lusitano 9514 demonstrate for you exactly how to make the bow and arrow, and show how it works. You will also learn tips and tricks, such as what materials make better ammunition, and what kind of "arrows" are better for use, as well as certain types' advantages and disadvantages.

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nothing.........i have not thoughts ...but i have questions.......can i use a garter for my bow.......nyaaa~~~~ that just came to my mind...i'm looking forward to your site.....and plsss answer my question

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